3 T’s Subluxation

i don't need a chiropractor

“I don’t need a Chiropractor” is unfortunately something we hear many times. It’s almost like they are saying they don’t have a spine or nervous system, which is untrue.

The central nervous system is the first to develop in utero. If that’s the first to develop, then isn’t that a sign it’s a very important part of our body and its function? Upon further development, the skull and spine is formed around the brain and spinal cord to add further protection. Nerves form from the spinal cord and exit through an opening on the side between two vertebrae of the spine (called the IVF), and they connect to the rest of the organs and body. Our bodies are run by the nervous system, and therefore we do not function without our nervous system.

When subluxations (misalignment of the vertebrae) occur, it causes communication interference and decreased function of the nervous system. Decreased function of our nervous system means decreased body performance and also may mean pain. So what causes subluxation? There are 3 causes, and those are Thoughts (stress, depression, etc.), Toxins (environment and what we put into our bodies), and Trauma (motor vehicle accidents, falls, overuse injuries, etc.).

Through a Chiropractic adjustment, the subluxation is removed, increasing the performance of the nervous system. With the increased performance of our nervous system, our bodies are in turn able to perform at their highest levels. Exercises, stress reduction options, healthier food options, proper biomechanics and posture tips, etc. are also provided by your Chiropractor for you to do at home to help you be more in control of your health.

The next time you hear your friends say “I don’t need a chiropractor,” remember the 3 T’s of Subluxation and have them call me, Dr Megan Karls at M&T Performance Chiropractic.