Straighten Up. . . . Why?

example of body mechanics with doctor megan karls

Straighten Up. . . .Why?

Let’s talk posture and biomechanics.

Many have heard me talk about biomechanics a time or two, but what is biomechanics? By definition, biomechanics is the study of mechanics of a living body, especially of the forces exerted by muscles and gravity on the skeletal structure. In other, simpler words…study of how you move and your posture during movement.

Posture and biomechanics go hand-in-hand with one another more than many of us think. Poor posture affects our biomechanics and poor biomechanics may lead to poor posture. Some of the more common poor posture signs we see are: some of us carry our heads a little more forward in front of our shoulders, some have one foot angled out or in compared to the other, some carry a shoulder higher than the other, etc. Many of us have these imbalances in our posture and don’t think twice about it, but those imbalances (no matter how small) can impact our body and its function greatly.

For example, that foot that is turned out a little more than the other puts more stress and unevenness in the hip area. Now, start adding lifting, walking, and/or running. Instead of having even weight and stress put throughout the body and joints during those activities, your body is now putting uneven weight and stress into certain areas of the body and joints, which causes unevenness in the hips. If this unevenness is left ongoing, it could lead to pain and further issues. For those that perform in different athletics or weight lifting activities, this unevenness may decrease your performance and can increase your chances of injury.

Looking at the body as a whole and assessing your movement helps me better understand where your body’s imbalance is occurring. Through Chiropractic adjustment, subluxation is removed, helping balance the body, decrease injury, and increase your performance.

-Dr. Megan Karls