Why should I keep Chiropractic in my life?

Why should anyone go see a Chiropractor?

Some come in to see me for Chiropractic care for pain relief (whether from every day “wear and tear”, work related, auto related, sports injuries, etc.), and others come in for improving their athletic performance or to maintain optimum health and wellness.

When one comes in for pain, it is more than getting that person out of pain. It is strengthening their body and making sure proper posture and biomechanics are present to help prevent re-injury, pain, and illness from re-occurring.

There are 3 stages with Chiropractic care, and those are: Relief care, Corrective care, and Wellness care. In the first stage, relief care, the goal is to alleviate you from pain. During this stage Chiropractic adjustments, therapies, and at times massage therapy is administered to help decrease pain and symptoms. In the second stage, corrective care, the goal is to balance the body and improve proper biomechanics and posture along with strengthening the body. During this stage we add in rehabilitation where we work with you in the office and provide exercises at home. During this stage, the number of adjustments decrease because your body is being strengthened and is therefore able to hold optimum alignment longer. In the third stage, wellness care, we talk about regular visits, usually once a month. Many ask why we recommend once a month, and that is because we live every day from sleeping, to driving, sitting, work, activities, etc. As one of my previous blogs highlighted, there are 3 causes for subluxation, the 3Ts: toxins, thots, and trauma. We unfortunately encounter each of the 3Ts daily. The wellness treatment helps your body stay aligned performing at its optimum level.

Many of those who come in for improving performance or for maintaining health and wellness think only the third stage applies to them, but there are instances where we have to back up and go through the second phase as well.

Some ways to help stay in top performance, health, and wellness are: regular adjustments, massage, good nutrition, plenty of water, and exercise. Exercise can be as simple as daily walks or joining a fitness facility. One fitness facility I enjoy and trust is Hoplite CrossFit. The name may sound intimidating, but the people are amazing and meet you where you are at in your journey. Not only do you receive exercise, but the coaches help watch your biomechanics so your chance of injury is decreased and you receive more out of your workout.

If you want to start your journey to optimum performance, health, and wellness or if you have already started, but don’t know where to start or hit an obstacle, let us help. I will answer any questions you may have and we work with you to help you reach your goals.

Sincerely yours in good health,

Dr. Megan Karls, DC